Anti Torsion Braid

Anti Torsion Braid in a THEYFIRM RTSIn most flexible handling cables, we use an anti-torsion braid. The anti-torsion braid consist of synthetic threads with a very high tensile strength. It is embedded between inner and outer sheath to prevent twisting, loops, push off the outer sheath and “corkscrew-effects”.

Torsional stresses is caused by different conditions:

  • Changes of direction into different planes
  • Non aligned guide pulley
  • Sloping cable guide into the deflection pulley
  • High dynamic stress
  • High tensile load of the cable

Criterias to build up a heavy duty reinforcement:

  • A good chemical bonding between synthetic threads and sheath compound
  • Braid angle
  • Braid coverage percentage
  • Material of reinforcement
  • Shear resistance of the reinforcement element

Cork Screw Effect